Thursday, 19 September 2013

Twitter CTR got worst than ever

Twitter Click Through Rate Got Worst Than Ever


In June 2013 I carried out a slight research through my Twitter profile to get an idea of the number of people actually see and, more specially, interact to my tweet. Before going on this test I had a working assumption that roughly 1% of my audience would see my tweets at any specific time. Although that sounds really low, but it was an approximate figure I had been pushing to clients for some time, basically to keep their hope realistic. I needed to check if there was some meat around those bones.

It actually turns out that I overestimated my calculations – the research results came back at less than half of what I though, with the rating of only 0.45. And it was not just me, it reveals out that your Twitter engagement rate get worse as the number of your followers grows. Let me explain deeply.

 Currently the links shared by Huffington Post (Twitter Profile), Which has more than 3.3 million followers, has a Click Through Rate (CTR) of only 0.11%.

 So, I was forced to ask myself a question – Is Twitter worth it or its just a big waste of time?

Nop, its not. But if you are utilizing Twitter for marketing purposes, product awareness or self promotion, then you’ve to make every single tweet count. As I marked in my article that it is a regrettable truth that at any certain moment just about nobody is paying notice to your tweets. I mean, SERIOUSLY. Around 99% of your followers will be on to something else at that exact given moment when you send out that All-IMPORTANT tweet.

 For ex: they could be -

 Reading other tweets of their followers.
 Reading their own Mentions & Messages.
 Might be absent from their computer.
 Living in a very different part of the earth [with the different time zone]
 Looking at any other page.
 Trapped into something more important


 Not even using Twitter at that time.

 All of these factors cut down the chances of your tweets being seen – read & [importantly for brands] dropping down to an extremely very low figure. And actually it does not matter who you are, even the most popular celebrities have such poor CTRs. Repeating again – The bigger your audience is, the worst results you will see.

 Not convinced yet? Here are few more evidences. The writers at analyzed thousands of tweets this month again & revealed out that an average Twitter CTR was 1.64%. But here are the HUGE – profiles with at least 10000 followers which had a Click Through Rate (CTR) of just 0.45% and this result completely aligns with the result I got 3 months back. - has summarized their results with this info-graphic. Don’t be disappointed. There is still a huge value in making up your huge audience on Twitter, although it has to be an engaged audience. Otherwise it is only a number with no actual result. As I have said many times before, you are far better having 100 people reading your every tweet than you are with 100,000 who just can not pick up your avatar out of the massive line-up. You just need to ENGAGE, ENGAGE and ENGAGE – That is the whole point. If You Like This Article Share It With Your Friends and Visit Our Website