Thursday, 17 October 2013

Tips to get rid from cold hands

Top 5 tips to get rid of cold hands

It is so annoying when your hands ( including fingers ) and your feet are cold while the rest of your body is warm. This problem usually occurs in winter times. Here are a few tips to overcome this problem by completely getting rid of this situation.

Tips :

1. This one is obvious that is why I am placing it at number one. Try to keep yourself warm and do not venture into objects without wearing your gloves.
2. Soaking your hands into warm water would also help you to keep your hands warm.
3. Try to quit smoking as smoking is also one of the reasons for having cold hands and feet.
4. swing your arms or try clapping as this would keep the blood flow going on and would keep you warm.
5. Consult a doctor if the situation is getting worst.

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